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Wednesday, December 02nd 2020

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Date added: 2004-01-27
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Lyric comments:
244 comments in total. Showing all
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2004-11-10 23:04:32

I can't tell you I totally believed, but I was pretty convinced. Ooo, I just heard a great joke! Why does Snoop Dogg need an umbrella?.......In case of the 'drizzle!' Haha! lol.

2004-11-08 03:03:54

I knew it was Britney Spears, trying to fool ppl, pshhh.. i kew it wasn't britney spears because she wouldn't be on this website i was only playin along with you. talkin on the site cause i was bored.

2004-11-06 00:37:04

Why is her last name stall? (Probably b/c she deserves to live in one) I also just found out that the first Britney spears post was actually a cut-and-paste interview from! FRAUD!

2004-11-06 00:24:58

Ack! she spelled my name gennini! That drives me carazy! Maybe I should change my nickname.

2004-11-06 00:23:16

That's okay, Amanda. (Who the hell is Julia Stall anyway?) I still feel really bad for not believing you in the first place. I guess the other fans will figure it out sooner or later. ttyl.

2004-11-06 00:19:37

Sorry Gemini, for thinkin it was you. and Julia Stahl GET A LIFe. why are you acting like some one your not. i'm all accusing Gemini and its you.. what a loser. sorry Gemini

Julia Stahl
2004-11-05 23:36:02

I...admit it. It was me pretending to be BS the whole time. Please forgive me. I've been a big fan of Britney and I really don't know how to talk to people without trying to be someone else. I'm sorry you've all blamed gennini. And I'm sorry about all these fights. I'm going to leave this site now & never come back.

2004-11-05 04:50:27

Also, I wouldn't know what brit's next singles are! I'm not THAT much of a fan. i....didn' wrong. gosh. I se your point, Amanda, but I'm not the one doing it...maybe...nah...maybe i have a stalker.

2004-11-05 04:43:44

Um...sorry...but, you're a crazy fat liar. I'm a guy. So, I don't talk girl like brit does. Also, Lucita and I actually had a conversation with minutes between words. Are u saying that Lucita is fake too? And another thing...I only talked on my prerogative because 1. britney (or whoever that is) suggested it. 2. I IMPORTED THE LYRICS! It's my God-given right to post messages there. Just stop accusing people whenever you get the chance. It makes people not like you.

2004-11-04 01:17:38

Yo Gemini, britney spears is so fake. And so are you. first of all i know that it is you talking, actin as though you are britney spears. your are trying to fool people by acting like britney spears which you arent. You know why i know that it is you because you wrote the message and secs after Britney spears comes on. than you said lets talk in "my Prerogative" which you already have your name there that said Gemini.. which you already comment on. Gemini you need a life. and people who thinks its britney spear. Its not. its only a person trying to fool you. i just needed to say that, because i been told you that it wasnt britney spears.

Britney (Spears/Federline
2004-11-04 01:12:58

Hey guys just as a recap, My next three singles will be "Outrageous," "Do Somethin'," and "I've Just Begun (Having My Fun)." Keep your eyes peeled!

Britney Federline
2004-11-03 00:56:02

I'm gonna use my married name from now on...unless you guys like me as Britney Spears? Anyway, I think it's so sexy that you had the pride to be me for Halloween! Do I really bare midrift? Oh, my gosh, I do! Every video! But that's more my directors fault. "Do you want this video to sell?" lol. I think we sould start talking at "My Prerogative" from now on. It is my new single after all. kisses!

2004-11-03 00:40:26

Hi Memo. Sup. I dressed up as Britney Spears for Halloween. I wore a wig and a midrift-baring tank top, and I carried around a boom box with her singles on cd!. I went and trick or treated for cans for The Circle of Concern. It was cool. How was everyone else's Halloween?

2004-10-30 17:19:09

where is Gemini? hey britney spears, u haven't been on 4 a long time. i haven't because you haven't been on to talk to. ttyl. peace out

Britney Spears
2004-10-17 03:45:22

In case you're viewing this late, I will be posting messages to the public on my website. Just look for my column!

Britney Spears
2004-10-17 03:43:30

I figured people would still pop in to talk to me. Besides, this website is so well organized, it's hard to stay away! :) Thanks for the support, sam. Maybe I can get to know you over bandwith. Sorry. Bad joke. I would make a horrible stand up comedian.

2004-10-16 20:49:04

2004-10-16 20:48:37

I love u brittney

2004-10-16 20:48:21

I love u brittney

2004-10-16 20:48:14

I love u brittney

Britney Spears
2004-10-16 05:39:01

Hey y'all. Check out my website ( cuz I'll be posting messages there from now on! Can't afford to write in two places at once! Thanks for the compliments, gangsta gurl. :)

^^gansta gurl^^
2004-10-02 20:43:26

hiiii if your realy btiney I just want you to know that your absolutley great and I like it that you just don't care about what all the people say

love-ya c-ya wanna be-ya :P

^^gansta gurl^^
2004-10-02 20:40:13

oh my god was that realy britney?? this MUST go to the media!

Britney Spears
2004-09-29 04:10:58

Thanks for posting my lyrics. "My Prerogative" is actually a remake of the Bobby Brown song. I just changed a couple of the words. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. The album will come out in November, featuring three new songs! One, "I've Just Begun Having My Fun" was released in iTunes a couple months ago, and another, "My Prerogative," was just let out. Also this cd features the stop remix of "You Drive Me Crazy," never before released except in Europe, and on video! Sorry. Do I sound like an advertiser? Anyway, I'm having a great time being awesome. heh. just kidding. life's ok. My perfume "Curious" is getting let out soon. And I also got to see the Broadway musical "Wicked." It's really good. Y'all should see it! Holler!

Britney Spears
2004-09-08 04:10:00

Sorry guys! I've been surfing through other parts of the web and just haven't gotten around here much. I have just finished filming the video for "My Prerogative." It turned out so cute and I know you'll all like it! It will air in a week or two, and keep your eye out for my brother in the beginning. Wedding plans are going great and I really appreciate all your support! Stay cool! Love ya.

2004-09-06 17:49:20

sup, where is britney spears?

2004-09-03 05:29:25

i wanna meet u so bad brit!!

2004-08-31 03:14:16

Oops, I saved it again. Hmm, sounds like Britney Spears, huh? Oh no I spelled my name wrong. Uh, it's supposed to be Gemini, but I'm too lazy to change it...haha.

2004-08-31 03:12:34

Yeah! Someone else stopped by! cool, well c u L8er.

2004-08-31 03:12:33

Yeah! Someone else stopped by! cool, well c u L8er.

2004-08-28 17:46:01

hey..... long time....... since we talked.... i been out... hows everybody doing.. well gtg. ttyl. peace out.

2004-08-05 21:47:31

I concur. Is that how you spell concur? Anywho, my computer was being retarted, so I couldn't get on for a while. It's working now, though! Yay!

2004-07-24 18:39:27

Ya, I'm 16 too. I really like Britney shes a great singer but she could do so much better if she wasn't such a slut.

2004-07-23 23:16:32

I went on ANOTHER vacation! Whew! I've been a lot of places this summer! You must be new, Taryn. I'm Gemini. I'm a 16 year old male who adores Britney Spears. I agree. No one in their right mind would pretend to be someone who is richer than heck!

2004-07-23 17:31:15

Anyone there?

2004-07-23 00:12:08

The real Britney is probably touring right now.

2004-07-23 00:08:40

Is that really Britney Spears? It's kind of hard to believe, anyone could pose as her!

2004-07-21 23:40:20

Where Everybody go?!?!

2004-07-17 01:13:41

hey ppl.. hey i turned 15 years old! i'm getting old lol. jk.. well my computer keeps freezin i dunno if i will be on that much now.. well ttyl. peace out

Britney Spears
2004-07-15 03:42:49

How old are you today? Happy B-day. Hope your computer works for a while. It's fun talking to you. Well, bye.

2004-07-14 23:14:51

lol. thanx Gemini.. wheres britney spears?! lol k holla back
peace out

2004-07-14 20:46:48

Happy Birthday Lucita! Have fun today! Coca cola and cake sounds so good right now! Mmmm. Well, c u l8er.

2004-07-14 03:51:40

sup ppl!?! its my birthday today! lol. well gtg. im gonna go eat cake and some Coca cola!

2004-07-13 03:13:46

yo ppl.. i haven't been takin in here 4 a long time.... my computer keeps freezing...... whats sup ppl? how yall doing? britney spears u were drinkin a hot cup of starbucks... ohhhhh. i want some.. lol. STARBUCKS is my favorite place 2 go to drink cofee... lol. well holla back. peace out

2004-07-13 02:18:30

I'm so exited! I'm going to 6 flags tomorrow! And I'm taking a copy of this song with me!

2004-07-13 00:45:00

Hi Britney. How you doin'? I've noticed something wrong with your Toxic video. In the second chorus, after you sing, "I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic." Isn't there something iconsistent about the direction your hand is moving, and the way it ends up on the wall? It's as if you can rotate your wrist 360 degrees!...or... CAN you do that?

Britney Spears
2004-07-10 07:33:53

Is it really this late? I need a break. Hello. That's cool, Gemini. You got to see guns come out of my boobs, and my head blown up. Not a very flattering role in that movie I must say, but I love to act. It was fun to work with Mike Myers.

Britney Spears
2004-07-08 23:08:59

Not much, Lucita. I slept in today. Whew! I haven't done that in a while. I was just enjoying a relaxing swim and a hot cup of Starbucks. Yum! Later! Peace out!

2004-07-08 20:37:13

i dunno if its an hour late here than Missouri. lol. k ttyl. Britney Spears what's up?!?!

2004-07-08 03:49:20

Ok. Well I'm free all next week. Maybe you should set a time. Oh yeah. We live in different time zones. You are an hour ahead of Missouri, aren't u?

2004-07-08 01:56:42

i dunno if i can be on @ that time... i have plans on sat. i'll ttyl. peace

2004-07-07 23:14:38

Oh, Wait! Change in plans. I business on friday, but Saturday is free. I'll get on at 1:00 pm then. ok bye.

2004-07-07 00:45:12

Oh u just missed me, Lucita. Better luck next time. Oh wait! I have an idea. get on at one o'clock pm on Friday. I'll be here then. Maybe we can finally chat!

2004-07-06 20:37:06

So Britney Spears! Ur engaged with that dancer dude. He didn't accept you? How many children do u want to have? Well ttyl. peace

2004-07-06 20:35:16

Hey PPL! How u doing Britney Spears.. Hey Gemini u still online. i just wrote this a couple of mins. ago.

2004-07-06 20:31:43

Hey Britney Spears! How you doin'? I'm chillin' at home too. I saw Goldmember, and you are so funny in that movie. "Kickstand...well, I...could I give you my cellphone number...please?" I love that line! I also saw your "Boys" video as a first for me, and it is more ways than one. lol.

Britney Spears
2004-07-06 05:24:26

Hi everyone. It's so sad how some people don't believe what they're told. Oh well. I've been settling down with friends for a while, watching movies, etcetera. I just saw Miss Congeniality for the first time and it's hilarious! It's not easy getting around with this leg. I have to sit in my tanker, I mean, very nicely accessorised bus, without time to get online until it's like 11:00. (sob) Bye everyone! Stay cool!

2004-07-06 02:46:14

yo... where is Britney Spears?!?!

2004-07-06 02:01:28

Hey people. Hi Lucita. Yeah, you realized what times we got on. lol. Well, talk later. keep in touch guys!

Baby Bellz
2004-07-06 01:42:27

hey hey ANYONE add me on msn messsenger or aim, aim = RxyLoves

2004-07-05 03:36:13

hey brit, im listening to everytime. i love that song. its so sad. anyway, can u e-mail me? its well talk to you soon!!

2004-07-05 03:08:36

u got on. after me.. bout 2 mins. after..

2004-07-05 03:07:07

lol. Gemini. i didn't see u go online and write something.. whenever i write i get out after.. lol. well ttyl. peace

2004-07-04 19:35:17

Lucita? You still here? I saw your comment appear out of thin "web space" (I don't want to say "thin air") about a minute ago. so, I put in as soon as I could. Anyway, if U look at that clock (I swear it's 5 hours off or so) then you'll see we were on... at... the... same time...Hello? Oh well. C U L8er.

2004-07-04 19:28:35

Britney probably did leave. I'm going to stop bickering now.

2004-07-04 19:27:36

Lucita! Hey! We're both on at the same time! Whod've thunk?

2004-07-04 19:25:27

Guys. CHILL OUT! Where is Britney Spears, maybe she left cause of yall... lol.

2004-07-03 20:10:43

how can guys be preppy, your a PREPPY GURL! thats what u r.. and doens't Gemini mean pretty, and flirty... ur a gurl!

2004-07-03 18:32:26

But I'll admit I'm preppy. heh heh

2004-07-03 18:31:54

Just so's everyone knows, I AM A GUY! NOT A GIRL!

2004-07-03 18:11:30

Yes ur a gurl.. now shut up dont talk 2 me preppy gurl!

2004-07-02 04:23:27

Girl? U think I'm a girl? Well, that's one I've never heard...Ok, ok. I'm sorry Amanda. About...everything. Now let's play nice, shall we?

2004-07-02 01:55:11

Shut the fuck up Gemini, like oh my gosh.. preppy gurl!

2004-07-02 00:09:01

Oh. One more thing, Amanda. Kissing your @$$, and f-cking my mom are pretty gross thoughts. I'd rather not, thanks.

2004-07-02 00:06:54

Sorry, guys. My words got a little out of hand, heh heh. Hope u guys can forgive my harsh language. Talk 2 U guys L8er.

2004-07-02 00:03:25

Britney Spears where are u!?! i miss you... lol

2004-07-01 22:32:45

hey Gemini! how u doing? where is Britney Spears?!! yall need 2 stop fightin lol. chill out yall. well ttyl.

2004-07-01 20:47:32

Shut the fuck up Gemini! You can ignore me when i write something. Was i talking to you? NO! think about it, FuckinG DORK! Go fuck on ur mom. And u don't tell me what the fuck to do. ok! Your not my momma loser. i can stay on this fuckin website all day... now kiss my a$$! u bitch!

2004-07-01 05:46:23

What's ^ Lucita? Yeah. I heard that on vh1. (I'm a dork and I watch that channel) lol. You know, Lucita? You're really nice, unlike some o-t-h-e-r p-e-o-p-l-e who get online... *cough*Amanda*cough* talk 2 U L8er.

2004-07-01 05:42:13

If you hate Britney so much Amanda, then do us all a favor and go out and play hide and go fuck yourself! (In other words, get the hell off this part of the website.) It's no fun talking to other people when the most annoying bitch in the world is online. O. K. I'm done.

2004-07-01 02:13:37

Really.... Britney Spears would pick any random person. where did u see that?

2004-06-30 20:56:20

shut the hell up Gemini. Like oh my gosh. It's really comforting to know that there are still some famous people out there who have a heart. (such a loser)

2004-06-30 19:08:57

I once heard that Britney has a reputation for picking out random people and introducing herself to them. It's really comforting to know that there are still some famous people out there who have a heart.

2004-06-30 05:04:14

Quit being a bitch about it, Amanda.

2004-06-30 02:51:19

See i knew it was FAKE. Why would Britney Spears get online every single day? shes Busy doing stuff. i bet its a faker trying 2 act like her.

2004-06-29 20:16:39

Hey! Even if it isn't really Britney Spears, at least we have someone else to talk to.

yall are stupid
2004-06-29 17:56:34

whoever is coming on here as britney spears you are such a lying beeyatch guys dont be stupid that is not britney spears she would be to busy to go to a site to check on her own lyrics. whatever happened to common sense.

2004-06-29 11:19:28

No hard feelings about the misspellings, guys. I just turned 16 this May. I think it's really cool how you two get along well enough to go online together. My little sister is too much of a b*tch for me to even live with her. Anyway, that's awesome. C U L8er.

2004-06-29 02:10:16

hey Gemini! How old r u?

2004-06-29 02:07:18

hey, Memo is my brother incase yall r wondering. we sometimes write together. lol. k buh bye

2004-06-29 02:06:03

hey Gemini... sry bout that.. lol. i was spelling ur name wrong the whole time. Well i never seen the presient before, but my friend's mom work with him. well i'm gonna see Bill Clinton on July 7th, and get his autograph on his new book so thats tight. i'm gonna meet him. i met Hilary Clinton before and got her autograph so now i'm gonna see Clinton. Do you sign autographs Britney Spears, like u go somewhere and sign stuff? well. gtg.

2004-06-29 01:34:11

I live in Missouri. Hi Lucita. How U Doin'? Wait before I say anything else, my nickname is Gemini without an "r", just to clear things up. D.C. eh? That's really cool. You ever see the President? lol. Happy Birthday early, Memo! Buzz me sometime at (314)-909-1801. Then ask for Harry. lol. Peace out.

2004-06-29 01:06:01

Wazzup?!?! whats new ppl? i haven't been on 4 a long time. How u doing Britney Spears? hi Germini. well BRB. buh bye

2004-06-29 00:20:22

Sup people!?! Hey Germini, I'm 22 years old and i'm turning 23 on July 13! lol! 15 more days! lol. its gonna be my birthday Britney Spears! What u gonna give me, some tickets to ur concerts?!?! lol jk. My sis. birthday is on December 4th, thats almost near ur birthday Britney Spears. lol. well i live in D.C. what bout u Germini? well ttyl. holla back.

2004-06-29 00:04:22

WHAT? No new video? definitely said the 28th. Oh well. It will happen SOMETIME this week...I hope.

2004-06-28 17:46:19

Hey Guys! Everybody log on at the same time after the new video premieres! But go to the song "Outrageous. " Then we can chat at the same time.

Britney Spears
2004-06-28 16:30:42

Oh, I'm sorry. Were you asking for Memo's age, Gemini? Please forgive my ignorance.

Britney Spears
2004-06-28 16:29:22

My age? I'm 22, and I'll be 23 on December 2nd. Wow, there were a lot of 2's in that sentence!

2004-06-28 04:16:47

I have a question for you Memo. You said you're almost Britney's age---how old is that? and where do you live? That's all. I'm gonna make like a tree and leave. lol.

Britney Spears
2004-06-28 04:14:41

All of my comments were made by me, except that one that says "...As you heard I broke my leg, and I will soon be getting sugery on it. I won't be on for another couple of weeks. Cheerkitty, I still don't know when I will be performing, all my concerts is cancel, and I will have a cast on my leg..." and the one made by the person nicknamed "Britney"

2004-06-28 04:10:15

Oh, I know. "Outrageous" really starts my motor if you know what I mean. lol. Can't wait. Only seven more hours, now!

2004-06-28 03:29:56

I just heard "outrageous" that song is tight!

2004-06-28 03:06:38

I am really confused! who is really the "real" Britney Spears? I dunno who to believe, is it Britney or Britney Spears!?!

Britney Spears
2004-06-28 01:35:10

Hey everybody. 10 hours till my new single arrives! Looks like you've got the groove already, Gemini! haha. Memo- You can hear 45 seconds of Outrageous on my website on the "In The Zone Jukebox." Have fun!

2004-06-28 01:11:43

Where do u hear it from? i haven;t heard it yet. i wanna hear it! Where is Britney Spears!!?

2004-06-27 03:26:08

I'm listening to her new single now "Outrageous, when I move my body. Outrageous, when I'm at a party..." That's gonna be a good video. Even though the song is kinda hard to dance to. Oh well. I'll miss this song. I'm gonna make like lightning and bolt. lol.

2004-06-27 03:11:06

aww..... ur bf is soo CUTE! he looks like Justin Timberlake!

2004-06-27 02:36:42

BRITNEY SPEARS ur getting married on Nov. 20th! OmG! don't get married! u still don;t no me, i'll be a good husband 2 u... trust me. u can't do this!!!! lol jk. k holla back britney spears!

2004-06-27 02:17:16

DANG ppl keep thinking i'm a GIRL! I said i was a BOY on the last message i sent today! omG.. lol.

2004-06-27 02:12:45

Memo- If U want to listen to "Outrageous" call me up at (314)-909-1801. Ask for Harry, then tell me.

2004-06-27 02:10:20

Holy crap. I'm sorry Memo. I seriously didn't know your gender. Please forgive me. I'm don't have what you would call super intelligence. ok I'm gonna make like a thug and blow this joint. lol.

2004-06-27 02:05:53

Hey Lucita! Hi Memo. Finally on summer break, eh? Where do u 2 girls live? & How old R U? Sorry to be curious, but I love meeting new people. I'm gonna make like a stripper and take off. lol.

2004-06-27 01:52:57

hey Britney Spears! How u doing? Hey Germini u were in TX, coolio. lol. i just got out of school a couple of weeks ago, summer vacation now!.... lol. yay! i'm glad i'm out of school. well gtg. buh bye

2004-06-26 21:31:22

woops i put it twice. my bad!

2004-06-26 21:30:32

I'm near ur age also Britney spears! Why don;t u marry me.. i will always be by u! lol. so who keeps writing ur name? i'm getting confused on who who's. Theres 2 Britney Spears! is the real one BRITNEY! well i was just listening 2 everytime a sec. ago. i still like it. i havent heard outreageous. i wanna hear it. i still don;t have ur cd britney spears. lol. i don't have any MONEY. lol. do u know where u can download ur whole cd. well ttyl. holla back.

2004-06-26 21:30:31

I'm near ur age also Britney spears! Why don;t u marry me.. i will always be by u! lol. so who keeps writing ur name? i'm getting confused on who who's. Theres 2 Britney Spears! is the real one BRITNEY! well i was just listening 2 everytime a sec. ago. i still like it. i havent heard outreageous. i wanna hear it. i still don;t have ur cd britney spears. lol. i don't have any MONEY. lol. do u know where u can download ur whole cd. well ttyl. holla back.

2004-06-26 21:26:19

Hey Britney Spears! I'm a BOY, not a gurl.. omG.. lol. how could ppl confuse me as a gurl. :(

2004-06-26 20:34:29

Holy cow! I just saw a 30 second clip from the new video "Outrageous" and it is gonna be S-E-X-Y. It's a lot like the "Boys" video, and the "I'm A Slave 4 U" video combined. I saw it at

2004-06-26 19:06:22

Hey guys. Hi Britney. I was in Dallas, TX for a week for Youth For the Nations (YFN) and it was amazing! I've never had so much fun in my life! Anyways, it's official. "Everytime" is everywhere! It's too bad that "Outrageous" is premiering in 2 days. Well it was nice talkin'! I'm gonna make like a butt and get the crap out of here! lol.

Britney Spears
2004-06-26 18:04:53

Those interviews were heck. Hey, who has been writing my name? I'm confused. Memo, I would marry you, but aren't you a girl? Sorry but I love Kevin very much. He stayed with me through the whole operation. These other feelings are complicated to explain to teenagers. You'll understand when you're older. Bye guys. I still don't like those other people writing my name and asking me to prove my identity.

2004-06-26 04:40:36

Your ENGAGED Britney Spears! omG.. lol.. i thought u were married to me... lol jk. u hurt my feelinGs! i wish u were engaged with me... lol. k holla back. lova ya

2004-06-25 03:09:40

hey Britney Spears! ur back! how u doing? how u feeling? what happened 2 you. Was that a faker acting like you. the one that answered one of the questions before, but this is really you.. right. k ttyl.

2004-06-25 01:02:57

Who is really the REAL Britney Spears?

2004-06-25 00:59:32

thats Britney SPEARS!!!!!!! i'm confused....huh.?!?! what u talkin bout.

2004-06-24 17:03:32

I'M THE REAL BRITNEY... ya'll need a life and stop pretending to be someone you're not.

2004-06-22 04:11:02


2004-06-22 03:11:44

I know! Thats so FAKE! do u think its really Britney Spears?

thats not britney
2004-06-21 22:53:19

britney didnt break her leg, she did something to the cartalidge in her already bad knee.

Britney Spears
2004-06-21 22:00:04

Germini, Amanda, Memo, Lucita and Cheerkitty. Here I am, I'm back, but I still don't feel that well. As you heard I broke my leg, and I will soon be getting sugery on it. I won't be on for another couple of weeks. Cheerkitty, I still don't know when I will be performing, all my concerts is cancel, and I will have a cast on my leg for about 5-12 weeks. ok sorry. Bye.

2004-06-21 03:51:39

Hey Britney, i cant believe its you. I just go finished listening to lucky. i love that song! When are you going to do a concert near Miami?? lol. I havent seen one of your concerts in a few years. hopefully we can talk soon! bye brit!!

2004-06-21 03:48:51

Hey Britney! Is is really you? Im a huge fan. I just wanted to know why your dating that guy who has a girlfriend? Maybe we could talk on e-mail sometime. my e-mail is Please answer back!! thanx brit!!

2004-06-21 00:57:33

When is the "REAL" Britney Spear coming?

2004-06-20 00:00:24

I kinda thinks its Britney Spears, but i'm not sure.

2004-06-19 22:08:01


2004-06-19 22:07:07

Miss. spears. omG. its Britney Spears. and its obvious that its not Britney spears cause "Louisiana. By the way. You were correct about Justin. He is a cracker. Well, now at least. And his d*ck is about the size of one, hee, hee!" she might not even write like this.

2004-06-19 20:04:24

Hi, Memo. Hi, Amanda. I believe it was Miss Spears. I don't think anyone could fake it that well. And if they could, why would they? It's just too obvious.

2004-06-19 19:15:20

i haven;t been on 4 a long time.. lol

2004-06-19 19:13:43

hey... ur the only one GERMINI who has been puttin stuff. lol

2004-06-19 19:12:32

Hi. My name is Amanda. Do you really think its Britney Spears? I don;t think so, ANYONE could put there name as Britney Spears. On the nick name.

2004-06-19 06:20:35

Wow, over 100 comments saved. Wanna celebrate?...or something. never mind. lol.

2004-06-19 05:06:09

I'm the only one who put in today. How embarassing. I guess the absence of Britney Spears has made quite a difference.

2004-06-18 06:17:47

Oops!...I pressed the "SAVE" button twice. Don't pay any attention to my duplicated comment.

2004-06-18 06:15:47

Hello. Don't insult Britney. She's pretty even without make-up, her voice is kick @$$, and she doesn't act better than anyone. Why don't you pick on an artist that deserves it? (Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Hanson, or Nelly are good victims.) And if you hate Britney Spears so much stay off of this part of the website. I rest my case.

2004-06-18 06:15:42

Hello. Don't insult Britney. She's pretty even without make-up, her voice is kick @$$, and she doesn't act better than anyone. Why don't you pick on an artist that deserves it? (Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Hanson, or Nelly are good victims.) And if you hate Britney Spears so much stay off of this part of the website. I rest my case.

2004-06-18 05:11:31

LOL Stephanie! hehehehe

2004-06-18 04:59:44

Britney to be honest I dont like you. I dont understand why you try to act like your better than....Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilara. Honestly, I like JEssica and Christina better. I dont like you cuz you try to act all that but the truth is...your really fake.

2004-06-18 01:29:04

Hey, girls. I had a power outage and couldn't get online until 6pm! So, How you doin'? I saw that on tv too. Poor Britney Spears. Thanks for making me feel better, Lucita. C U L8er.

2004-06-17 18:54:21

Itsn't Britney Spears on crutches? Is she gonna have surgery on her leg? i saw that on T.V, thats why all her concerts are cancelled. holla back.

2004-06-17 17:09:07

LOL! ur sooo BORED.... i can tell that ur so lonely... also... lol... k ttyl. peace

2004-06-17 05:30:01

Am I the only one who stays up past 10:30?

2004-06-17 05:11:46

Hello? Is anybody there? Oh well. This song keeps me company.

2004-06-17 04:11:35

Is it just me or is this clock next to my nickname 5 hours off? I mean, it says it's like 4:10 when my clock says 9:15. Never mind. It just caught my eye.

2004-06-17 04:05:48

Wow this song makes me feel as if there's someone else out there who feels the same way I do. Man, with Britney doing interviews, web life is ghoing, I mean going, to suck, blow, and bite. lol. Hey, Memo! How you been. Guess it's just you me and lucita here without Britney Spears.

2004-06-17 02:55:45

Man! Britney won't get back on until a couple of WEEKS!
a-ight talk 2 u later.

2004-06-17 02:54:35

LOL! ur the only one online GERMINI... hehehe.. well Britney Spears won't be on for a couple of weeks cause she has interviews. GOOD LUCK BRITNEY SPEARS. My luck goes to you. I will miss you. lol. ur not gonna be on.... awww. lol. k good luck. peace out BRITNEY SPEARS! u betta get back on BRITNEY SPEARS! lol jk. holla.

2004-06-16 21:28:58

the tub in this video looks soooo comfortable. Eew, she bled on it.

2004-06-16 21:26:33

I love this song! Am I the only one online?

2004-06-16 21:22:28

"Now I'm Stronger than yesterday, now it's nothin' but my way..." I'm listening to every Britney song I can get my hands on. "You drive me crazy but it feels alright..."

2004-06-16 20:57:36

It's just fun writing stuff and hoping that Britney pops back in.
I don't even know what I wanted to say...This song rocks!

2004-06-16 20:47:28

Wait a minute! Oh, well. I suppose she's right. I love this song, Britney. Hope you get online when "Outrageous" hits the charts.

Britney Spears
2004-06-16 20:45:27

Gemini! Memo! ^_^! Here I am! But I probably won't be visiting this site anymore. As you probably know, my tour has been cancelled, so I have to do all these interviews. Maybe in a couple of weeks, though. Sorry. OK, Bye.

2004-06-16 20:42:02

Hi Memo. I'm 16 years old. BRITNEY WHERE ARE YOU?

2004-06-16 20:23:51

<(*_*<) Giggly Puff! LOL!

2004-06-16 20:20:36

Hey Germini, you seem nice also. So older girls pick on you. lol. how old r u? Where is BRITNEY SPEARS? I miss BRITNEY SPEARS. She haven't gotten online to write. lol ok. ttyl. peace out!

2004-06-16 04:39:34

I usually don't listen to Britney's slow songs. But in this case I'll make an exception. Did I spell exception right? I'm a perfectionist, even on the net. Seriously, though, this song pulls me in so fast, I want to hear it over and over and over again. I Love it.

2004-06-16 04:32:05

Well, Memo. Looks like we have a lot in common. R U available? Just kidding. I'm the kid that always gets picked on by the older girls cuz i'm short, and I try to hide it by acting like a stud. My dream is to act, though. So that'll come in handy, soon... I hope. Anyways, you seem like a real nice person Memo. Talk to you later.

2004-06-16 03:46:49

I like that song "shes so lucky, shes a star, and she cry cry cry..." i would listen to that song everyday. i still do, but not that often. i listen to EVERYTIME every single day. Britney Spears' songs are the best. I love your songs Britney Spears! holla back. lol

2004-06-15 22:56:38

It's been a while since i popped in. Hello. I've been in Panama City Beach for the past week, and they play this song just as much there as they do in Missouri, where I live.
I'm listening to a Britney song now, as luck would have it. "She's so lucky, she's a star..."

Britney Spears
2004-06-15 17:52:17

Probably the closest I come to D.C. is my Virginia Beach concert. Tour dates and locations may change. Check back on your local listing for venues, on sales, dates and times. As for Justin Timberlake...that was definitely a fraud. He never called me Britney.

2004-06-15 17:20:20

Is that really Justin Timberlake!, Britney Spears?!?! k ttyl. buh bye.

2004-06-15 17:03:40

Hey Britney Spears! How r u doing? Are you still in that tour bus? Where r u going? Are u ever gonna perform in Washington D.C.? ok babe, talk to you later. Peace Out honey!

Britney Spears
2004-06-15 05:16:18

Justin never called me Britney after our relationship ended. Sorry, buddy. Nice try, but I know Justin better than that. I spent 3 years with him. BUSTED!

Justin Timberlake
2004-06-15 04:14:27

Hello Britney, I just wanted to say hi. Well i saw people writing that this song was for me because you talked about our relationship together. It is very sad. Well Britney see ya.

Britney Spears
2004-06-14 20:28:35

Ok, someone needs a time out. Seriously, you need to rethink your life Dauernheister26. peace out. good luck. you'll need it.

2004-06-14 20:24:32

I think it's so fantabulistic that you are like the rest of the world. I want to be just like you. All I need is a sex change and some male lovers and I'll be good to go. My name is Eric
Dauernheim and I'm a homosexual stripper. Fortunately i don't have AIDS...yet. My phone # is 636-207-1122

Britney Spears
2004-06-14 20:17:11

Wow you people have some names I've never heard before.
Maybe I'm just being blonde at heart. But seriously. People can't find any way to make fun of these unique names. People just say "spear britney" and I'm taken care of. But how do you make fun of a name like SuperDuper? Honestly, I'm a little jealous.

Britney Spears
2004-06-14 20:00:16

Look I came on the internet to see how people liked my music, talk to people, and perhaps make some new friends. It's kind of lonely in this tour bus. Now all people want to do is make me prove my identity. (sob) Can we talk about something else.

Britney Spears
2004-06-14 19:56:56

I'm not the one who creates my website. I know this may sound silly, but that's fame. Like I said, I don't know all this teahnocal stuff. But I'll try to persuade one of the people who work for me to do just that. Expect it in the next 3 months. My website isn't exactly what you would call up-to-date. I'm terribly sorry, but that's the way it is.

2004-06-14 13:09:59

If you want to prove it is really you "Britney", just put a link to on you website (

Britney Spears
2004-06-14 06:16:51

Oh, about the e-mail, that was fake. I really don't need a public swarm, so giving my e-mail to the public would create a pile of printed papers on my tour bus floor. I would be swamped with too much answering all night every night and have no time for touring. (sob) But you can join my mailing list. Just go to my website and click the button that says "Join the Britney Spears mailing list."

Britney Spears
2004-06-14 06:07:35

I'm sorry if it's hard to believe. I don't know how else I can prove it, though. I do not have aol, I use sbc with yahoo. I don't know all this technical dsl stuff, so I'm trying my best. Hope that answers your questions. ttyl. peace.

2004-06-14 03:24:43

Hi Britney Spears! is that really your e-mail?!?! is this really Britney Spears! i can't believe it! you get online? are u serious that this is you, BRITNEY SPEARS. is it someone writing britney spears and trying to fake it by being Britney spears? well i hope this is really Britney spears. please answer back telling me if it is really britney spears. do u have aol? if u do whats ur screen name? ttyl. peace

Britney Spears
2004-06-13 23:42:29

To the person named ??????? I don't really to intend to meet Harry, we were just joking, like so many humans do on the web.

Britney Spears
2004-06-13 23:40:30

I know what you mean about wierd, but I don't see anything wrong with a star enjoying quality time on the internet. Memo-that's a really unique name. I like it. My e-mail is pretty self explanatory if you think about it.
britneyspears @britneyspears .com

2004-06-13 23:26:58

This is me again. My name is Memo. can u give me your e-mail please?!?! holla back babe.

2004-06-13 23:22:16

Hi Britney Spears! I love you! This song is da bomb, but it is very sad. It has a very good beat. If this is really Britney Spears... MARRY ME.... lol jk. holla back @ me britney spears when you have time. Peace Out! love ya.

2004-06-13 20:46:49

Just 2 britney y wud u ask sum1 u have just spoke 2 a few times on a website 2 meet u ? ? ?? u may really b britney but u kno as it seems wierd i dont belive ..... Sorry ........ if it is I LUV U (LOL)

2004-06-13 07:55:11

Does anyone else find it scarry that there's a suicide in this video... no matter what spin you "TRY" to throw at it... it's going to glamorize it for these young impressionable kids.... If/when a suicide comes of this.. I hope she thinks long and hard about the consequences pop culture has on society.. if you could prevent one such death by not doing that..why wouldn't you!?! That just seems extremely irresponsible to me

Britney Spears
2004-06-13 01:32:48

Thank you so much! This is the fan energy I was talking about! I luv you!

2004-06-12 20:22:21

i love her so much dont hate cuz shes so pretty

Britney Spears
2004-06-12 18:22:28

Slutty? Oh my god, I'm sorry. I guess I really need to tone up my figure. Yes, I'm Britney. Don't worry I get that all the time. As for touring, It's exhausting at times, but the crowd usually has so much positive energy that I can't back down.
I'll be happy to answer any other questions you have. Wow, this website is really cool.

2004-06-12 17:48:35

ohmygodthissongisso cooliloveitsomuch itsbettertahnthe rest!!!!!
*translate*: oh my god this song is so cool i love it so much its better than the rest!!!!!

2004-06-12 03:44:52

Hello... this song is a very nice song to hear. i like it a lot. its so beatiful. Was that really Britney Spears who answered one of yall?

2004-06-10 17:25:26

this sound is so sad but good n the video is great

2004-06-10 06:51:06

This song is sooo beautiful.

2004-06-09 20:36:17

this song is sooo good! i listen to it 100 times a day!! and i sing it 100000 times a day!! xxx

2004-06-08 06:08:36

Can anyone fill me in on why Britney dresses so slutty? She's has a good voice, her clothes don't attract people, they repel them.

2004-06-08 05:54:05

I love your song Everytime, which, I'm sorry to say, is weird because I think you kind of dress inapproprietly and I usually don't listen to your music, but I heard this song and I fell in love with it. I was also wondering, what's it like touring?

britney fan
2004-06-05 20:48:05

are you realy britney spears???

2004-06-04 21:48:53

Sweeeeet! I'm 16, 5' 2", and I like to act on stage, and dance. My real name is Harry Fanter and I live in Des Peres, MO. I like macaroni & cheese above all foods, and I am sexy beyond all reason. haha.

Britney Spears
2004-06-04 21:44:25

lol. I'm actually still on my tour, but I'm available after a show if u wanna meet. I still don't know you yet, though.

2004-06-04 21:41:47

REAL? DAMN! That IS sexy! So, what are you doin' this Saturday?

Britney Spears
2004-06-04 21:40:17

That love counter was 100% correct. But 30% of statistics are wrong (lol). The answer is...real. Pretty sexy, eh?

2004-06-04 21:38:26

Deal. Ok so let me at 'em...I mean...tell me.

Britney Spears
2004-06-04 21:37:19

(sigh) oh no, now this is going to be heaven for the press.
Ok, Gemini. Here's the deal. I'll tell you if you promise to kick Justin Timberlake's ass if/when you get the chance to see him. Deal?

2004-06-04 21:34:33

I hope I'M not being annoying. And I'm gonna reget asking you love calculator at said that I had a 98% chance with you. And I don't do plastic boobs, so... R they real?

Britney Spears
2004-06-04 21:32:21

Well, I love Starbucks and Arby's, I like to hang out in Cali and boogie board on my private beach. My pet peeves incluede rumors, (Ahem!) and annoying people.

2004-06-04 21:28:59

omg!!!! Ok, Britney. Tell me about yourself.

Britney Spears
2004-06-04 21:28:21

Louisiana. By the way. You were correct about Justin. He is a cracker. Well, now at least. And his d*ck is about the size of one, hee, hee!

2004-06-04 21:26:17

Whoa! Was that really Britney Spears or a sorry @$$ pranker? If you are really Britney, where were you born?
Answer that!

Britney Spears
2004-06-04 03:49:25

It was two years into my relationship with Justin. And I thought he was the one. But I was wrong. I didn't think he was gonna go on Barbara Walters and sell me out.
The most painful thing I've ever experienced was that breakup. We were together so long, and I had this vision. You think you're going to spend the rest of your life together. Where I come from, the woman is the homemaker, and that's how I was brought up — you cook for your kids. But now I realize I need my single time. You have to do your own thing.

2004-06-03 22:21:28

Oh and justin is a cracker.
Ok, i'm white 2, but if
justin timberlake leaves
a piece of @$$ like britney,
he has to be hopped up on
grass or something!
Oh well, the love calculator on said i had a 98%
chance with britney.
She's like the queen of all
f*ck-able women.
Girls all say she's a slut, but they're all

2004-06-03 22:12:41

polish socca star-it's your lucky day!
I can tell you what the end of the video means.
Britney died in the tub right?
Then you see her walking the halls of the dead.
Then she chooses to reincarnate herself into a newborn.
Knowing her mistakes in life,
She corrects them as a new woman!
I bet you never thought of it that way, eh?
But you will now.

2004-05-31 10:41:56

This song makes me remember all the sad things in my life but it also makes me think of how lucky i am to have the best boyfriend and the most awsome friends.this song is MAAAAD!

2004-05-31 05:43:54

I thing that this song rocks!~everytime i sing it it makes me want to cry!lol!

2004-05-30 08:28:13

omg omg y is it that every where i go i cant listen to this awsome song?????

2004-05-30 04:29:07

wat i dont get is rite at the end of the video clip when she comes up out of the water???? can anybody help me?????

2004-05-30 04:24:16

I luuuuvvv this song!!! Its soo great!! Im not really into britney spears - I alwayz thought of her as a slut after pashing madonna nad some of her video clis (ahemm toxik..even though the song is good!) This song has really shown a different side to her - a sadder side. Everytime i hear this song it makes me want to cry because i think about all the sad things in my life. She's really expressed herself & itz a maaad song!

2004-05-29 16:24:40

OMG !!!!! do u all kno britney personally coz it sounds like shes ur bloody best friend n u kno everything bout her ......... kim how do u kno she dusnt like justin ne more ...... its her life mayb she does nt like justin ne more but how the f**k do u kno .......... rite ne ways this song is gr8....

2004-05-29 16:18:06

i luv this song although i dont particularry like britney but u kno its gr8

2004-05-27 00:48:27

I love this song!!! Britney expresses her love for Justin in a beautiful form

2004-05-27 00:22:55

britney is ok i guess.....i like this song tho its one of my favs yup umm i dont care if she wuz singing about justin or not...its just a song!

2004-05-25 20:25:01

Of course she's singing about Justin. Poems, which turn into songs, come from within, personal experience. She is obviously apologizing to him for what she did. Wake up and smell the roses!!!

2004-05-25 18:16:03

Y'all dumb-asses!!! just shut up and enjoy the music

i just a couch potatoe
2004-05-23 18:36:49

wat the f*** are u people sayin that it's not about justin? OF COURSE IT IS!!! did u not here it wen she says "i may have made it rain, babe/please forgive me/but mywaekness caused you pain/AND THIS SONGS MY SORRY."who else would that be for.its obvious that she's sorry for cheating on justin

cUte hUnneY
2004-05-22 21:33:41

ok who eva said dat dis song is about justin is f***ing stupid .. dis song is not about jsutin cuz she dun give a f***k about him nomore ok so stop sayen dat it is about justin .. well n e waizz dis song isreally good dis is wun of her really good songs .. <3

2004-05-22 17:49:14

Oh yea and i 4got I <3 this song!

2004-05-22 17:48:09

everybody thinks this song is about justin but its not..... its about her and someone else or she could have just made the song because she liked the way it sounds! ppl need to stop gossiping about what she meant and start listening to what she is actually saying.......

2004-05-22 14:19:13

actually i kind of dunt lyke her. but after listening 2 dis song.. i guess its kind of changing me ya knoe.. i mean i still dunt lyke her lah..but kind of dis song change... well.. i guess i love dis song de bez from all her previous n present albumss.. it kind of tell bout de way she b****ed justin timberlake.. poor justin!!

2004-05-21 20:02:07

I really think this is a great song!!Britney put all of her feelings about Justin in it!!Itīs definited one of her best song!!
I just fell in love with it!
And it prooves that she really cheated on Justin!

2004-05-21 01:48:56

Everytime i hear this song i cry. It's so sad but it lets all her feelings out without her being a hooch like in some of her videos ahem TOXIC (even if it's a good song)

2004-05-19 22:34:19

oh my goddddddd, this song is so goooodddddd, especially the next part of the lyrics Notice me, take my hand.
Why are we strangers when
our love is strong
why carry on without me

it remindes me of the one i love

2004-05-17 23:24:03

this song i think is one of her best songs that first time i heard it i really got into the song and what she was trying to say....i love this song so much its really sad and makes you think....:)

2004-05-17 18:26:23

vet mooi liedje:"(

2004-05-14 22:51:08

wow i cant belive this song and music vidie is even sader god i really dont like her ...but this song hit something in me that fell in love with this song wow

2004-05-14 13:01:00

het is echt een heeeeel leuk liedje alleen de 5de en 6de zin zijn te veel en 1 couplet maar dat hangt er geloof ik vanaf welk je heb gedownload.

2004-05-12 14:22:27

BRITNEY IZ A BITCH! Ma Dees Liedje Iz Egt Wel Machteg Ejgenlek... :$

2004-05-12 03:58:28

In the beginning of the song it only has 1 "
Our love was strong
Why carry on without me?" you don't need another one

2004-05-11 22:14:30

This song is #1. Britney actually came up with a good song. Whoeva doesnt like this song is wack! lol!

2004-05-10 18:50:26

I love this song! I really want to see how Justin reacts to this. It was so obviously directed at him.

jessi skatrchica4life@yah
2004-05-10 17:42:01

This is one of her only good songs !!

jessi skatrchica4life@yah
2004-05-10 17:41:46

This is one of her only good songs !!

2004-05-09 11:03:52

massaal schoon liedje!!
triestig ma schone

2004-05-08 13:12:14

VET cool lied :D

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