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Wednesday, December 02nd 2020

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Home > Lyrics > D > Destiny's Child > Loose My Breath
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This month: 432
Date added: 2004-10-08
Quality: 86.7% (rated: 9x)
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Lyric comments:
24 comments in total. Showing all
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2005-11-16 16:51:06

dey rok 2gether .if dey split den god noes wat'll happen

2005-08-20 12:43:43

dc rox this world!

i love.em!

i dont want em to split up!!! i luv u destinys child!!

2005-08-20 12:43:42

dc rox this world!

i love.em!

i dont want em to split up!!! i luv u destinys child!!

pLaYa pLaYa
2005-04-28 03:01:12

tHiS sHiT iS fOoKiN hOtT!! tHiS iS hOw wE dO iT! i lOvE tHiS sOnG 2 dEaTh! zAnG! iT iS sO kEwLiO! lIkE oMg! bEcKy lOoK aT hUr bUtT iT wIgGlEs lIkE jElLo! hEr nAmE sHoUlD bE cHaNgEd fRoM Beyonce 2 Bouncy!

2005-03-22 18:41:51

OMG!!! this song rocks ass........ i love u Destiny's Child!!!! :p

2005-01-26 18:28:44

this song rawks!! it is kinnda gettin old now but will still kik ass forever :D mwah 2 yaz all! xx

pLaYa pLaYa
2004-12-30 02:10:21

tHiS sHiT iS tHe bOmB dIGiTy! iF yOu dOnT lIkE iT tHeN yAlL iZ cRaZy! mE n mY gUrLs dAnCe eVeRy tImE iT cOmEs oN!
wE gIt hElLa cRaZy! sO cAn yOu kEep uP?

2004-12-13 10:23:05

YO DI$ $ONg IS HOTT!!! ma grlz n me cant help but do our thing wen itz playn!!! the$e chik$ r hoTt n sure no how 2 shake their thang!!! CATCH 2 ALL MY PPL$ IN FRANGA!!!

2004-12-08 02:42:11

Yo diz song iz illy!!! Yo me an ma home gurlz always get up and grind on each other when it comes on. You know how us PRz do!!! Shout out 2 Holy Name! Cuz ya pplz cant keep up!

2004-12-02 21:02:30

isn't this the coolest song ever? everytime i listen to my body starts automatically movin.. you just wanna shake your booty and clap!.. can you keep up?

2004-12-01 14:10:28

i propa luv dis tune!!! me n ma m8s hav 2 dance 2 dis 4 pe in skul n were luvin dancin 2 it

2004-11-29 02:18:08

i just love this song its so awesome. im like so into it. my mums fat. love to all. peace out

2004-11-28 22:32:27

i love this song so much.. the drumming in this song is so tight.. I JUST LOvE IT ! :-)

rude gal!
2004-11-24 13:02:35

dis song is wicked init!! its so like did lad guy i no wot a prick cudnt give me no pleasure!!!! big up 2 ya'll!!

2004-11-23 19:09:20

Moi, you are now officially declared a SPAMMER! :-)

2004-11-22 18:34:40

you are gay !!!:@
this song is great!!!!!!

2004-11-22 18:34:39

you are gay !!!:@
this song is great!!!!!!

2004-11-22 18:34:38

you are gay !!!:@
this song is great!!!!!!

2004-11-22 18:34:37

you are gay !!!:@
this song is great!!!!!!

2004-11-22 16:10:08

Deze nummer is te gek....................het doet me denken aan mijn optredens al zogenaamde "Destiny's child"!!!

2004-11-21 21:46:19

this song is fab i love it ya always ave to sing to it haha!

2004-11-19 01:13:48

this song is gay...

2004-11-17 21:00:10

this song is gr8 an catchy!omg i love it!it is da bomb!

2004-11-11 02:00:04

omg! this song is TA HOTT

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