songteksten lyrics album Insane Clown Posse - R U A Ryda?
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Tuesday, August 09th 2022

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Home > Lyrics > I > Insane Clown Posse > R U A Ryda?
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Date added: 2004-12-21
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R U A Ryda?
Insane Clown Posse

Date Added: 2004-12-21 11:06:33

Hey yo,this,this bitch wanna know is she a ryda, r u a ryda?, i don't need you all up on my nutz no more, that's what the wrinkles are there for recognize, besides you could never ride with, you'll never slide with us, coinside with us, i been inside your puss so many times, it's loopy,i look at you naked my dick goes droopy, scoop me, shit black truck rolls on, you's a ryda like my names malone dumb bitch, hell yeah, i'm a ryda, weed rollin' high-lighter, strait up detroit 7 mile east sider, do you waana ride with me, you really ain't a thug but you tried to be, with your riches to rags hopes and your tattoo tears, i'm from the old skool, i had it hard for years, psycopathic ryders fool mob, foe foe in this bitch, you try to fuck with me, mother fuckas,
The truck is black, i pulls my gat, gang affiliated and it's like that, it's all about the hoes, dang fame and loot, r u a ryda? whoo can we ride? whoo whoo
i pack big heat 'cuz of these streets i'm so fed. rags hangin out my back pocket, and one around my forehead mack daddy in the caddy, throwing up the gang signs if your from the same clique, then your throwin up the same signs if not the shit pops, we spit glocks and hit spots ignites, shells drop then we bail from cops boo yeah like in the chroicles, feelin bioncle get high with me yo ryda, then come ride with me full clip, psycopathic rydas and full clip go together like home arrest and a tether you better, run tell a friend your momma, your daddy, your greasy headed graany they all can't stand me (fuck 'em) 'cuz my dick goes in to find their daughters neden holes blow it out then i'm out no doubt everyday that pass my game gets tighter psycopathic style motherfucka i'm a ryda
repeat chorus
fuck with lil' shank huh? get off, before i cock my gat and blow your eyebrows off you invadin my space with your mean muggin face if you feelin froggish bitch, jump and get a taste yo i keep it in my waste line stick like a base line pull out my heat, fear and power at the same time black skull cap keep my khakis creased rydas got love from the west to the east i was born in this fucked up world ryda brown 10 years old slangin dope by the pound out of bounds, no limit till my dirt bitch tried to break my heart and got her back hurt i'll let you ride if you suck my dick and bullet dick, and the rest of the clique yeah you finished? cool no doubt, now put your clothes on and get the fuck out bitch
repeat chorus

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