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Tuesday, August 09th 2022

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Home > Lyrics > M > Mojo Gurus > Race With The Devil
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Date added: 2004-12-21
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Race With The Devil
Mojo Gurus

Date Added: 2004-12-21 11:06:37

Drivin' down the fast lane late one night
i saw somethin' in my mirror comin' up on the right
a fire red roadster pulled next to my ride
it was too dark to see the driver inside
i heard a voice but i couldn't see the face
and it asked me if i wanted to race
then he lit a cigarette and by the light i could see
i was talkin' to the devil and he was talkin' to me
The devil looked at me with an evil smile
he said, "we're racin' for your soul for this next quarter mile"
i said, "listen old nick, i'll take that bet
i take all comers and i haven't lost yet"
he said, "if you win, you can choose your game
but if you lose boy i got your name"
i revved my engine and dropped into gear
my rod was runnin' on nitro i was runnin' on fear
Race with the devil, if you lose
you gotta pay the devil his dues
race with the devil, live to tell
one foot on the gas and the other in hell
I'm racin', racin' with the devil
i got my pedal to the metal
one slip now could be fatal
cause i'm racin', racin' with the devil
The smell of burnin' rubber filled the air
i was racin' for my life without a second to spare
i gripped that stick and my knuckles turned white
he's not takin' my soul, not without a fight
i got a bad, bad motor sittin' under my wheels
so to hell with the devil and his deals
i put the pedal to the metal and i blew right by
if we meet again devil don't even try
Repeat chorus
One foot on the gas and the other
one foot on the gas and the other in hell

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